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SEO Consultant for Small Business - Belynda Scarsbrook

Hi, I’m Belynda, with a Y. I’m a happily married mum to two teenagers. I’m not sure how I got them standing so close together for the photo on the right.

You’ll always find me in my home office. My happy place is at my computer, researching, reading, tinkering with website design or writing. 

I live on a farm in rural Queensland, Australia. Right now, there’s an Angus bull outside my office window gnawing away at grass in the house yard. Never a dull moment here!

A Quiet Achiever

My teachers labelled me a ‘quiet achiever’ in primary school. I have carried this with me throughout my life. I don’t need to make a fuss, preferring to get the job done.

I’m an introvert by nature, a strategic thinker, and problem solver. Helping people is where I excel. 

This led me into a career as a Paramedic, where I established just how good I was at working under pressure. Turns out that’s one of my strengths. 

It also turns out that exposure to above average amounts of trauma is one of my weaknesses. One day I’ll write a book about that.

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An Entrepreneur at Heart

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart.

I founded a plus size fashion label in 2011, long before ‘plus’ was fashionable.

I helped launch and grow a rockabilly clothing label from the ground up, and I build websites as a hobby, which anyone outside this space tends to find… strange. I find it fascinating.

You can take something out of nothing, an idea even, apply strategic research, create a content plan and SEO strategy, and grow it into a flourishing business. What’s not to love about that?

A Lover of Learning (and leopard print)

I am an avid learner, especially in the digital world. 

I hold a certificate in digital marketing through the eBusiness Institute, Google digital certifications, Hubspot content marketing certification, Smart Blogger certified writer, and DigitalMarketer certified digital marketing strategist.

Search Engine Optimisation comes naturally to me, and I mentor others on SEO. I’ve written content 2-3 years ago that is still in the top search engine position. 

The results, combined with education (and an analytical brain), make me a great SEO consultant for small businesses.

I also love to cook, and I love to eat. I wear leopard print a little too often. Sorry about that.

Navy is my signature colour for special occasions. If you meet me in person, I’ll probably be wearing navy. Hence, my color choice for this website.

Why I'm a Chosen SEO Consultant for Small Businesses

I’m proud of the results I have achieved for myself and my clients over the last few years. Maximising return on investment and providing great value are part of my core values and beliefs. 

Rest assured, I’ll provide as much interest in your company as I do my own. I’m honest, open, and transparent. You’ll know what I’m doing for your website and why. 

The sky is not the limit – let’s work together to create an SEO strategy to skyrocket your business.

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